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Tazue Inc. Introduces premium products and ingredients to the North American market. We are continually inspired by what Japan has to offer. From the newest technologies all the way to fine goods steeped in tradition, Japan has always been a strong contender of among top trend setters. We take pride in representing only the best brands and products- ensuring the we always deliver quality goods to our customers.

Our Partnership

We are selective about the products we offer to ensure to ensure that resellers are getting high quality products at a competitive rate. We aim to be transparent with every transaction. With new products every month, we are at the forefront of every trend.

Brand owner / Manufacturer

In accordance with your needs, We can assist with imports, health regulation compliance, sales, marketing, and distribution. Let us know what you need help with. 


Japan’ s beautiful culture has  developed over hundreds of  years of perfectionism. Tazue prioritizes the artisans  who employ these traditional  means.

Face to Face

Tazue works closely with  traditional manufacturer to help  connect their goods with the  larger world.


Our strong network of makers  allows us the unique ability to high quality products, often unavailable  to other distributors.

High Quality

Whether it be trending  superfoods or remarkable  products, we choose products  whose quality we truly believe  in.

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