Fuji Teas

Fuji Teas offers a range of classically Japanese teas cultivated on a sustainable single-origin farm high in the mountains of Shizuoka. We prioritize the quality and flavor of our teas, as well as the environmental and ethical impact of our practices. In fact, we believe the two are strongly linked. Our high-quality teas are grown without the use of pesticides and are comprised of the freshest leaves pulled from the first harvest of the year. 

Commitment to environment

Fuji teas is strongly committed to both protecting and promoting the health of its consumers and workers, as well as the earth that supports all the crops we produce. That means absolutely no pesticides are used on any of the Fuji Tea products. Solar panels are installed directly over the tea fields to aid in the shading process and provide a source of sustainable energy. This not only allows us to generate the energy required to produce our products directly on site, but also precisely regulates the amount of light the growing tea is exposed to- a critical factor in fostering a tea’s flavor. Lastly, we employ direct trade practices to support our local community and ensure the integrity of our product.

Shizuoka Prefecture

Situated at the base of our namesake Mt. Fuji, our farm and the greater region of Shizuoka possesses the ideal conditions suited for growing tea. Clean mountain and spring water, as well as volcanically enriched soil of our namesake Mt. Fuji impact a truly unique terroir on our teas. This is why Shizuoka is often referred to as the Tea Capital of Japan.

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